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Employer enrolment

Investing in your future

Welcome to the Public Service Pension Plan!

Thinking about joining the Public Service Pension Plan (plan) is a big and exciting step – there’s a lot to consider. Your organization is probably wondering how the plan is right for you and your employees.

What you need to know Application process

Benefits of enrolment



How to apply

Next steps

How to apply

Application steps

If your organization has decided to join the Public Service Pension Plan, that’s wonderful.

New employers

To apply, you must provide us with the following:

  • Employer Enrolment Application
  • Resolution by your board of directors or governing authority requesting enrolment – consult these sample resolutions, for appropriate wording
  • Copy of the authority under which your organization operates, such as Certificate of Incorporation or Registration, Order-in-Council or letters patent
  • Copy of your most recent financial statements

Once you’ve been advised that your organization’s application is going forward for approval, consider completing and submitting the following forms with your application package. This will help you avoid paying late remittance fees and speed up the enrolment of employees into the plan.

If your organization offers a long-term disability (LTD) plan for employees, you can use the following form to apply to have it approved by Pension Corporation for pension purposes. If approved, any period when a plan member receives LTD benefits is considered pensionable service under the Public Service Pension Plan Rules, and no contributions are required from you or your employees who are plan members.

Expanding your plan participation terms and conditions

If your private sector organization would like to apply to expand your terms and conditions for plan partnership to include providing support work to a public function entity, you will need to write to the board, care of the corporation. In your correspondence, you should include:

  • Why you want to expand your terms and conditions
  • The proposed type of work your organization will carry out
  • Who the work will be performed for


Your organization can refer to this list of resources during your application process:

Employer website

Member website

Submit your package

For more information or application deadlines, or to submit your complete application package, contact Policy:
Policy Branch
Pension Corporation
PO Box 9460
Victoria, BC V8W 9V8

Phone: 250 387-8297
Fax: 250 953-0424

After your organization submits an application package, we will review the package and might contact you for more information. The board will then review your request to join the plan; once the application criteria are met, the board has the discretion to decide whether an applicant employer can enrol in the plan. A few weeks after the meeting, we will let you know whether your application has been approved.

Disclaimer: the information collected, used, disclosed and retained between your organization and Pension Corporation must comply with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

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