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College Member Education

Member Education

Find answers to your pension questions with free educational offerings designed for different stages of your life:

  • Online learning, which can be taken anywhere, anytime and at your own pace
  • In-person workshops, which are interactive, give you a chance to ask questions and participate in discussion, and provide you with a workbook to take home

Are you new to or thinking of joining the plan?

Getting to Know Your Pension

As you embark on a new and exciting part of your life, this online learning can help answer your questions about what it means to have a pension and be a member of the plan.

You’re only a click away from learning how:

  • Your pension is a valuable source of retirement income
  • Your pension is secure for your lifetime
  • The plan website and My Account are here to help you make the most of your pension

Online learning (15 minutes)
Getting to Know Your Pension!

Are you wondering how important events in your life can affect your future pension?

Making the Most of Your Pension

Your pension is an investment in your future. It is important for you to know how the decisions you make today can affect your future pension.

Take this workshop online or in person to learn more about:

  • How your Member’s Benefit Statement is a valuable planning tool
  • Purchase of service
  • Transfer of service

Online learning (45 minutes)
Making the Most of Your Pension!

In-person workshop (2 hours)
Learn more, including how to register and view the complete workshop schedule.

Are you approaching retirement?

Approaching Retirement

You’ve worked for your pension, and you’ve earned it! As retirement approaches, it’s time to make sure your pension works for you. The decisions you make about your pension as retirement approaches are important, so planning for retirement now can make your transition easier.

Attend this in-person workshop to learn more about:

  • Choosing your best pension option
  • Life stages surrounding retirement
  • Retirement checklist
  • Retirement application process
  • Income and expense worksheets
  • Implications of returning to work

In-person workshop (2 hours)
Learn more, including how to register and view the complete workshop schedule.

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