EITR tool feedback

Itís official! Online termination/retirement submission is better

If youíve wondered what your fellow employers think about submitting termination/retirement information online, your wait is over. Feedback from the January 2016 employer survey shows you prefer the Employee Information at Termination/Retirement (EITR) tool over the paper process.

Based on your feedback, hereís how the EITR tool better meets your needs:

  • Saves time, including less follow-up from us
  • Increases accuracy of data submitted
  • Provides clear and helpful error messages
  • Intuitiveóitís easy to use

For more information about the EITR tool, here are several handy resources:

Link to pension adjustment article Link to pension adjustment article

E-remit tips

Three tips for easier, accurate E‑Remit submissions

The next time you need to use E-Remit, use these three tips to help you submit accurate information and save you time.

  • When providing your new pay cycle details, notify us via Message Board; itís located on your planís secure Employer site under Employer Reporting
  • In E-Remit, enter the date you pay your employees
  • When remitting a line 6 adjustment, include:
    • salaries
    • employee portion
    • employer portion

More information

  • Message Board

Recycle and delete saved form

In with the new re-employment ruleóout with the Re‑employment for Retired Members Declaration form!

Because of the new rules for re-employed retired members effective October 1, 2015, you no longer need to use the Re-employment for Retired Members Declaration form. Please recycle your paper copies and delete your saved bookmark.

As a reminder, retired members returning to work for a Teachersí Pension Plan employer must continue to receive their pension payments. They no longer have the option of suspending or repaying their pension payments and restarting contributions to the plan.

For more information, read section 1.7 of the Employer Instruction Manual.

Link to pension adjustment article Link to pension adjustment article

Updates to My Account

Check out the new features in My Account

This spring, new features were launched in My Account for members, inactive members and retired members.

When they log on to My Account, they can do the following:

  • Members will see up-to-date service and salary information when they use the Personalized Pension Estimator and Personalized Purchase Cost Estimator. Previously, membersí information was only updated annually with the release of the Memberís Benefit Statement.
  • Vested inactive members can now use the Personalized Pension Estimator just like an active member.
  • Retired members will now be able to update their address and banking information online.

If you have questions, weíre here to help.

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