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Year-end reporting reminder

Year-end reporting made easy

Your year-end payroll report is due by January 9, 2015. Read on for some important reminders that will help make your reporting experience a breeze.

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Upcoming tool changes

This month's must read: Important changes being made to the Personalized Pension Estimator

In the November newsletter we announced upcoming changes to the Personalized Pension Estimator.

Whatís changed?

What do I need to know about the Personalized Pension Estimator?

  • The purpose of the Personalized Pension Estimator is to aid your staff in their retirement decisions.
  • If you are using the Personalized Pension Estimator, it should be on behalf of a member, and the member must give their consent.
  • Effective late November, your members will be able to see the last 10 estimates completed using the tool, including any you have run in the past on their behalf. This provides them with a convenient way to compare their most recent estimates.
  • Staff at the pension plan can review the same estimates to help them answer any questions your members may have about them.
  • You must get permission from a member before running an estimate on their behalf.

Make sure to let your members know that estimates you complete for them will now be accessible on their My Account profile.

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Training tools

Enhance your knowledge with eLearning

We recognize itís hard to work learning into your busy schedule. Thatís why we have online eLearning you can complete on your own time, at your own pace, at your own deskóeven from your own home. Keep reading to find out how.

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Check out My Account

Remind your members that My Account is here to help

Did you know your members can easily access their pension information from the comfort of their own home? My Account allows members to review all their personal information, calculate and view pension estimates, change their beneficiary options, or send us a message if they have a question about their account. They can also view their Memberís Benefit Statements dating back to 2000 and use the Purchase Cost Estimator to help them determine the cost of buying back their leave of absence.

If you have members retiring, remind them that a duplicate copy of their T4A tax slip is available online through My Account.

We have many valuable online resources available for members. Remember to encourage your members to get their pension-related questions answered through My Account.

My Account registration is easy. Members can go to the plan website then click the Register Now link under the Logon button to get started today.

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