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Making the Most of Your Pension

Are you establishing your career or several years away from retirement? In this two-hour workshop, learn how the decisions you make throughout your career can affect your pension when you retire.

Workshops are held Monday to Friday.

Seating capacity and your preferred workshop date

  • Register or be waitlisted (if your first choice is full) for one workshop. Or, you may take a workshop at an alternative location.

Attending a workshop

  • Please make sure you have your supervisor’s permission to attend a workshop (and before registering) if it’s scheduled during your work hours or if you need to travel.
  • If a colleague would like to attend a workshop with you, please encourage them to register themselves.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email. If you want to cancel your workshop registration, following the instructions in the email.

Choose one of three easy ways to view the schedule and register for this workshop:

Register online with My Account

Register at your convenience with your contact information autofilling on the registration page.


Register online without using My Account

Don't have My Account? You can still enjoy the benefits of online registration.


Register manually with a paper form

Prefer paper? Mail or fax us your completed registration form.


Online learning

If your preferred time and location is booked or you might prefer to learn on your own, you can take the online version of Making the Most of Your Pension.

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