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Validation window open Oct 1-31

It’s time—validate your long-term disability (LTD) policies by October 31

Use the LTD Policy Validation tool to validate your approved group disability policy. The validation window is open October 1–31.

It’s important to make sure your members continue to accrue pensionable and contributory service while receiving a long-term disability (LTD) benefit. You must report all changes to your LTD policy (commonly known as LTD policy information) or members might experience a delay in receiving the service. Read on for details.

Information in this article is of interest to you and/or your staff

Payroll Reporting Refresher workshop

Just in time for year-end reporting—a free workshop and tips to make preparing your Payroll Report easier

Attend the free employer workshop Payroll Reporting Refresher to learn what you need to know to report your payroll. This two-hour online instructor-led course is delivered through GoToMeeting web conferencing. Register early—this workshop fills up quickly!

New to year-end reporting or getting started on this year’s? Here are 12 tips to help make the experience smoother:

  • Before submitting your Payroll Report (also referred to as your Annual Report), make sure you have submitted all Plan Member Records for new members whose contribution start date is in the current year.
  • Your payroll start dates for the current year shouldn’t overlap with your previous Payroll Report. You can view your last payroll submission through Submission History under Reporting on the secure Employer site.
  • Only report current adjustments.
  • Report separate entries on thereport for each service event type: regular (RG), rehabilitation (RH) and retroactive (RT).
  • When a member starts or ends long-term disability, the RH and RG must be reported separately based on the long-term disability dates.
  • Report pensionable and contributory service and salary for members with over 35 years of pensionable service
  • For members who are no longer working, their service event end date will be the last day they contributed to the plan. For example, if they end their employment June 30, the service event end date will be June 30.
  • Do not report their service with zeros. If there isn’t a service event for a member, remove them from the report.
  • Do not use any hidden columns or include any formulas on your Excel Payroll Report.
  • To view the long-term disability start and stop information you’ve submitted to us, click LTD Start and Stop Submitted Report under Reporting on the secure Employer site.
  • Use the LTD RG/RH Reconciliation Report under Reporting on the secure Employer site to track members on LTD anytime they have rehabilitation earnings. If you enter the rehabilitation earnings when the LTD start or stop is submitted, the amounts will be saved in the report and available for use when preparing your Payroll Report.
  • To reconcile remittances in your Payroll Report, use Balancing Help, located in E-Remittance under Resources on the secure Employer site.

Workshop registration

Year-end reporting

  • Consult the Employer Instruction Manual
  • Contact Employer Operations:
    • Message Board
    • Phone: 250 356-9701 (Victoria) or 1 855 356-9701 (rest of Canada)

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Nominate a beneficiary using My Account

Nominating a beneficiary is quicker, easier and more secure through My Account

Nominating a beneficiary is an important part of estate planning. That’s why there’s the nomination of beneficiary tool, available in My Account on your plan website. Employees who are plan members can nominate persons, trustees and organizations, and update their beneficiary information. Keeping up-to-date and accurate information ensures a member’s final wishes for their pension benefit will be followed.

Members need to register for My Account to access the nomination of beneficiary tool. Instruct them to go to Teachers' Pension Plan website and, under the My Account section, click Log in to My Account, and then Register Now.

Please recycle paper copies of the nomination of beneficiary form. Encourage your employees who are plan members, including those who have received an enrolment package, to use My Account and provide us with their beneficiary information.

To register, they will need their PID

  • It’s located on their Member’s Benefit Statement and Welcome to the Plan letter.
  • Members can contact the plan if they have not yet received these documents.


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E-Remit tip

Describe your E-Remittance transaction for easier reconciliation and save on late payments

When posting an E-Remittance, don’t forget to fill in the transaction description. This is an important piece of information.

How providing a transaction description benefits you

  • It simplifies your reconciliation process, as the description also appears on your remittance detail report.
  • It reduces the risk of missing a remittance and being billed for a late payment.
  • The transaction description allows us to accurately match your remittance to the expected remittance date in our system.

Transaction descriptions

On the Create New Transaction screen, indicate the payroll frequency with the appropriate letter:

  • M = monthly
  • S = semi-monthly
  • B = bi-weekly
  • O = off cycle

For more information, contact Employer Operations Finance.

Information in this article is of interest to you and/or your staff

Join the Small Employer Forum

Power in numbers—the Small Employer Forum

Would you like tips to help you with data submission and other pension administration? Do you have 1,000 or fewer employees? Then join us at the annual Small Employer Forum this fall.

Learn more about how we’re working to make your data submission experience easy!

It’s a fun and informative group that

  • Guides each other through the year-end reporting process
  • Shares ideas and feedback
  • Discusses best practices
  • Networks

Meet the Employer Operations team November 10 in Vancouver.

How to become a member

For more information

This article has information you need to act onThis article has information you need to act onInformation in this article is of interest to you and/or your staffInformation in this article is of interest to you and/or your staffPlease share this article with your employeesPlease share this article with your employees