EITR makes
it easy

Over four hundred and counting—member termination and retirement data submitted online

With year-end upon us—a time of high termination and retirement volumes for many—the new Employee Information at Termination or Retirement (EITR) tool is making the process easier and faster. Read on for details.

Update member addresses

Thousands of reasons why we need current member contact information

People move—a lot. Although it can be difficult to keep up with member address changes, it’s important we have correct information on file. We process thousands of pieces of returned mail each year. Working together, we can make communicating vital information to members easier. Read on for details.

Link to pension adjustment article

Check your bookmarks and stock

Reduce the risk—use current documents for the latest information and processes

You’ve probably done it at one point—bookmarked something on our website for future reference or saved a paper copy of a document so it’s accessible when you need it. But doing this is risky.

To better meet your needs and keep your information current, we are constantly updating our forms, publications (including the Employer Instruction Manual) and employer education workshops. What you need to provide and how you need to provide it can change—sometimes significantly.

If you have outdated forms, publications or employer education links, we’ll likely need to follow up with you at some point; this can take up a lot of your valuable time.

The next time you need to use a form, consult a publication or sign up for employer education, visit us online for the latest documents, links and information.

Pension seminars

Choosing the right pension seminar

What are key aspects of retirement? How the pension works, potential pension income, post-retirement group benefits and members’ benefit statements. Its important members understand them. Your Pension, Your Future and Thinking About Retiring seminars discuss these topics in different ways because they’re designed for members in different career stages.

Your Pension, Your Future is for new and mid-career members; Thinking About Retiring is designed for members within about five years of retirement. Here’s a handy chart to help members know which seminar to attend:

Your Pension, Your Future Thinking About Retiring
  • Types of retirement income and the value of your pension
  • Purchasing and transferring service
  • Other possible benefits
  • Potential income at retirement
  • Choosing your best pension option
  • The retirement process

Both seminars discuss how to access information online and tips for understanding the Member’s Benefit Statement.


New rules
in effect

Reminder: enrolment rules for retired members in effect

As of October 1, 2015, retired members returning to work for a Teachers’ Pension Plan employer must continue receiving their pension payments. Retired members no longer have the option of suspending or repaying their pension payments and restarting contributions to the plan.

For full details, read section 1.7 of the Employer Instruction Manual.

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