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Less email you say?

We are taking employer communication to a new frequency. Starting with this issue, you will be receiving most of your communications through a monthly newsletter. Read on to find out.

"I am very excited for the launch of this product. It is a great opportunity to enhance communications with employers, who we partner with to administer members’ pension benefits."
– Ryan Britton—Assistant Director, Client Services

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Pensions StraightTalk

We all know there is plenty of noise about pensions in the media and from special interest groups at times. Much of the noise is filled with misinformation but with pensions being a technical subject it is often difficult to know fact from fiction. The plans have recently launched a new section in their website called StraightTalk. StraightTalk contains lots of factual information about the plans and how they work.

Please take a look at the StraightTalk sites and share with colleagues or plan members so they can be reassured about the cost-effectiveness, good value, fairness and sustainability of the plans.

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