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Your employees’ beneficiary nomination options are now expanded

Recent changes to the pension plan rules impact your employees’ beneficiary nomination options. These changes allow for more flexibility and control over what happens to a member’s pension entitlement in the event of their death. Your employees may now have more options to protect their family, leave a legacy to their community and customize their estate planning the way they want. For more information and details about what this means for your employees, see the recent Employer Bulletin. Please ensure you also distribute the latest Member News to your employees.

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Teachers’ Pension Plan awarded top marks by World Finance magazine

This March, the Teachers’ Pension Plan was named the 2014 Pension Fund of the Year, Canada by World Finance magazine. You and your employees are partner contributors to the plan as part of total employee compensation. Together you ensure that over 89,000 plan members can count on guaranteed, predictable income in retirement. That pension promise is in good hands. Read on to learn more.

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Instructions for Employers manual updates

The Instructions for Employers manual has been updated as of March 31, 2014, and is available on the website at Click here for a summary of the updates.


Reminder: Terminations and retirements forms submissions

Did you know you don’t have to wait until June 30 to send in Employee Information at Termination or Retirement forms for employees retiring July 1? Most of your employees are on set contracts and the contract values do not change. Therefore you do not have to wait until June 30 to submit the information. Click here for more details.


Spreading the word

As an employer, you receive a number of different communications products on behalf of your pension plan. In many cases, we depend on you to get important information to pension plan members (your employees). When distributing products to your employees, you may wish to use a variety of distribution methods, such as forwarding the e-mail, posting the product to your intranet or bulletin boards, inserting the product into your pay stub envelopes or leaving the product in a coffee or break room for employees to review. Thank you for your help in ensuring your employees, have the information they need!

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Sign up for One-Day Comprehensive Training

To make your pension administration process easier and more efficient, this spring the pension plan is once again offering its One-Day Comprehensive Training for employers. This workshop will cover all the information you need to efficiently administer your employees’ pension, beginning with enrolment all the way through to retirement. Read on to learn more.


Find the time to learn – when it works best for you

Ever wish that you could learn more about what it means to be an employer with the pension plan – and do it at your own pace, on your own time, and from the comfort of your office? If so, there’s no better time to check out the eLearning modules that we offer. Read on to learn more.

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