May 2021

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need to provide to employees
Employee information you need to report to us Employee information you
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Legislative information you <br />need to provide to employeesEmployee information you need to report to us

Do you have employees turning 71 this year?

Do you have employees turning 71 this year?

There are a few things you need to know about and do for an employee turning 71 this year.

Under the Income Tax Act, an employee must start receiving their pension no later than the end of the year they turn 71. This means if you have an employee who turns 71 this year, they must start collecting their pension no later than December 1. You must not collect contributions from your employee after November 30.


Plan information

Employee health benefits

What your employees said about health benefits

A summary of your employees’ feedback on the plan’s retirement group health benefits is now available on the plan website. This is part of the Public Service Pension Board of Trustees review of the health benefits program.

Please read and share the summary of what your employees prefer when it comes to their prescription drug plan. Their input will play an important role in helping to inform how health benefits are managed in the future.

Plan information

Employer Council registration

Employer Council registration closes April 28

If you have yet to register for Employer Council, what are you waiting for? It’s one of the most exciting employer events of the year. We want to see you at Employer Council this May!

Whether you’ve attended in the past or it’s your first time:

  • Enjoy this virtual event from the comfort of your chosen location (save on travel time and expenses)
  • Connect and hear about the latest news from us
  • Take time to pause, have some fun and be informed:
    • Share ideas, feedback and common experiences—your voice is important to us
    • Discuss current issues and best practices
    • Hear what we are working on to support you

Council details

Choose the date that works for you:

  • Tuesday, May 4, 2021, from 9 a.m. to noon; or
  • Wednesday, May 5, 2021, from 9 a.m. to noon.


  • Visit the secure employer website and register by Wednesday, April 28, through one of two links:
    • Promo box on the home page
    • Employer Council page
  • After you register for a session, you will receive a confirmation email with a Zoom link


Employee information you need to report to us

Submit employees’ termination or retirement info

Provide complete termination or retirement information upfront

The more information you submit through the Employee Information at Termination or Retirement (EITR) tool, the less we’ll need from you later when we are researching your employees’ files. Having complete information also ensures we make timely benefit payments to your employees.

Did you know your employees may apply for their pension in My Account? Encourage them to check out the Planning for retirement section of the plan website for more information.

Note: Remember to let us know the date within 14 days of an employee ending their employment, along with their salary and service information. We use this information for the end-of-employment statement, which the Pension Benefits Standards Act requires we provide to your employee within 60 days of ending employment.


Plan information

Paper-free communications

Paper-free communications for retiring employees

In April 2021, we started sending the Welcome to Retirement package digitally to retiring members who opted in to go paper-free. Members who opt in will receive an email notification with a link to our online retirement guide, Welcome to Retirement, after their first pension payment is processed.

Transaction statements and advice statements are also now available in My Account. Members who have opted in will receive an email notification when these important statements are ready online.

If you have employees who are preparing to retire, encourage them to opt in so they can receive their retirement documents sooner, online. Signing up for paper-free communications is easy. Employees who are already registered for My Account and have not yet opted in can sign in, confirm their contact information and select “yes” to go paper-free. Employees who have not yet registered for My Account can choose to opt in as part of their registration.