July 2022

July checklist Monthly Checklist

Print this handy checklist for submission deadlines and reminders.

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Plan information

New webinar

New webinar, Value of the Plan, coming your way

If you’re involved with employee recruitment, then there’s a new webinar for you: Value of the Plan.

Take this webinar to gain a better understanding of:

  • How the plan is valuable for you and your employees
  • How you can use the plan to help with recruitment and retention
  • The benefits of My Account for your employees

Visit the secure employer website to register for a July, August or September webinar.

Plan information

Validate group disability information

Plan ahead to validate your group disability information this October

In October, you will be asked to verify that our records reflect your current group disability plan(s) information using the LTD Policy Validation tool. This validation ensures your employees who are plan members receiving long-term disability (LTD) benefits from an approved group disability plan are correctly earning pensionable and contributory service.

To make the validation process easier, before accessing the tool in October, gather the following information:

  • Current group disability plans; if needed, contact your LTD carrier for this information
  • LTD policy effective dates
  • LTD policy numbers
  • Which employee classes the LTD policy applies to
  • LTD policy termination dates for policies that have terminated since October 2021
  • LTD policy information for policies that have changed since they were approved

You can also prepare by making sure your Web Services users are up to date. Review the Web services user access confirmation reporting instructions, including the section about monthly Web Services cleanup. For more details, stay tuned for the fall newsletters.

Employee information you need to report to us

My Account and going paper-free

Keeping it current in My Account and going paper-free

People move—sometimes a lot. In fact, we process thousands of returned mailings each year. Your employees can keep their address and contact information up to date in My Account to receive key pension information. When they register or sign in, they also have the option to go paper-free. Choosing paper-free communications means they’ll receive an email notification when their important pension information, like the Member’s Benefit Statement (MBS), is available online.

Going paper-free saves you time. When your employees choose to receive digital communications, you have fewer paper statements to distribute to your staff.

Your employees can update their address, other personal information and digital communications preferences with just a few clicks in My Account. Encourage your employees to go paper-free so they can receive their next MBS and Report to Members package digitally.

For more information and to help you promote going paper-free to your employees, share this this information sheet with them.

Plan information

Online resources

Always visit us online for current resources

To best serve you and your employees who are plan members, we continually update the employer and plan websites.

Visit the employer and plan website each time you need to access information, tools and documents to save yourself valuable time. If you use outdated links or products, we’ll likely need to follow up with you to correct information.