January 2022

January to do list Monthly Checklist

Print this handy checklist for submission deadlines and reminders.

Plan information Plan information Legislative information you need to provide to employees Legislative information you
need to provide to employees
Employee information you need to report to us Employee information you
need to report to us
Remitting contributions Remitting contributions

Legislative information you <br />need to provide to employeesEmployee information you need to report to us

2022 year’s maximum pensionable earnings

Hot off Canada Revenue Agency’s press—2022 year’s maximum pensionable earnings

The year’s maximum pensionable earnings (YMPE) for 2022 is $64,900.

When to use YMPE:

  • College, MPP, PSPP and WorkSafeBC reporting (e.g., optional and mandatory enrolment)
  • WorkSafeBC contribution remittances
  • Canada Pension Plan payroll deductions


Employee information you need to report to us

Reporting reminders

December and January reporting reminders

Please remember to provide us with your updated long-term disability (LTD) information in December and to submit your 2021 Payroll Report in January 2022.

LTD Confirmation Report

We’ll send you an email with a link to instructions for what to do when the LTD Confirmation Report for your organization is posted to the secure employer website in December.

2021 Payroll Report

Submit your 2021 Payroll Report to us by January 10, 2022.


Plan information

2022 contribution rates

Are you ready to use your new contribution rates?

New contribution rates start with your first 2022 pay date.

In October, you received your rate letter with new contribution rates for you and your employees in 2022. These rates reflect Municipal Pension Plan rules that take effect January 1, 2022.

Use the new contribution rates beginning with your first pay date in 2022. For example, if your payroll period is December 17 to December 27, and your pay date is January 2, deduct contributions based on the 2022 contribution rates.

If you have both general employees and police and firefighters in group 2, we’ve sent you special instructions for how to e-remit for these two employee groups.


Plan information

Improvements to employer digital services

Improvements to employer digital services are on their way!

We’re committed to providing digital services that make pension administration quick and easy. As part of this commitment, we’ve begun updating and upgrading the employer portal so you can be more self-sufficient in your reporting processes.

What’s changing

You’ll see the new, modern website and portal in spring/summer 2022. The information and reporting tools you’re used to will be easier to use and have a modern look and feel.

How we’re supporting you

We’ll be here to support you while you explore the new website and portal. Resources will include:

  • Regular updates through bulletins and newsletter articles
  • Webinar demos of how to use the platform (registration coming in the spring)
  • Our knowledgeable and friendly staff in Employer Operations

We will continue to share future improvements with you. We’re looking forward to providing you with new digital services that will make your job easier.

Happy Holidays