September 2019 Employer Newsletter > It’s almost time – validate your group disability plan information by October 31

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It’s almost time – validate your group disability plan information by October 31

Use the LTD Policy Validation tool to validate your approved long-term disability (LTD) policy (also known as a group disability plan). The validation window is open October 1–31.

Access the LTD Policy Validation tool through the secure employer website. Click Employer Reporting > LTD Policy Validation.

Two steps for quicker and easier validation

  1. Update your contacts on file with us and Web Services users (if needed)
    • The Employer Contact List form, which is newly updated, is available on the secure employer site; click More under Forms
    • Employer Web Services E-Handbook

      Note: At least one individual in your organization must be assigned to Role 14 – LTD Policy Validator; only assigned individuals will have access to the validation tool.

  2. Gather and sort the details about your policy or policies

Why it’s important

When you have an LTD policy approved for pension purposes, your employees who are plan members are credited with pensionable and contributory service. No contributions are required from you or your employees.

Though submitting an LTD policy for approval is optional, we encourage you to apply to have an LTD policy approved for pension purposes.


  • Web Services user account management – contact Employer Operations
  • Validating LTD policies – contact Policy
    • Note: Emails are not secure; please do not send confidential information, such as employee information, through this link. This email address is for questions specific to LTD policy validation only.

      To help policy staff quickly answer your questions, have the following information ready:

      • Employer name
      • Employer Org ID
      • Contact name and phone number
      • LTD policy carrier name
      • LTD policy number
      • Brief outline of your question