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Teachers' > News > My Account March 2016 Update

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April 28, 2016

Check out the new features in My Account

No more waiting! Service and salary information is now available as it gets updated.

You can now see up-to-date service and salary information in My Account—no more waiting until your annual Memberís Benefit Statement is available to you.

If youíre no longer employed by a plan employer but are vested and have money in the plan, you can now use the Personalized Pension Estimator just like an active member. Log on to My Account to access the estimator.

You can now update your address and banking information online through My Account.

In the past, information used for the Personalized Pension Estimator and Personalized Purchase Cost Estimator in My Account was only updated at the planís fiscal year end. Now you can see your service and salary information as it gets updated.

No more waiting—another great reason to use
My Account.

Log on to My Account today.

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