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Retirement Associations

Use this retirement associations list to keep in touch with fellow retired plan members.

Marital Breakdown

Your pension plan provides information about your pension benefits. You may also need independent professional advice. The following resource is available for legal counsel and actuaries as they assist you.

Pension Division Upon Marital Breakdown—Information for Lawyers and Actuaries

Contacting Teachers' Pension Services

We are always available to you by phone. Have your person ID number (youíll find this number on your pension statement letter) or your social insurance number ready and call if you:

  • need to change information about a dependant for medical, extended health or dental benefits
  • need to tell us that your dependent child over age 19 is no longer attending school
  • become re-employed with a Teachers' Pension Plan employer
  • change your address
  • want to change your beneficiary
  • need to notify us that your spouse or beneficiary has died (if you die, your representative must call Teachers' Pension Services to tell us)
  • have questions about group benefit eligibility, enrolment or premiums
  • want to change your personal information
  • have questions about your pension, deductions or T4A tax receipts

Youíll have to contact us in writing for certain requests. Always include your person ID number so we can ensure that we have the correct account. Write to us to:

  • change your banking information,
  • change your tax arrangements,
  • inform us youíve moved out of the province or country (including your move date), or
  • notify us youíve returned from out of province or country (including your return date).

To add or delete a dependant for medical, extended health or dental benefits, you must send an application form.

And here's how to contact us.

Telephone: Fax: Mail:
Victoria: 250 356-9658
Toll-Free in
Canada and the US: 1 866 876-8877
250 953-0431 Teachers' Pension Services
PO Box 9460
Email: Location:
Contact Pension Services 2995 Jutland Road, Victoria, British Columbia

Other sites of interest

From the Teachers' Pension Plan Links page, you can access information about federal pensions, income tax, estate and financial planning, retirement planning and support, other provincial teachers' pension plans and professional organizations.

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