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TPP Pension Timeline—Near Retirement Publications

The following publications will help you as you get closer to retirement.

Retirement Planning Package and Estimate Request

This package includes information to get your retirement planning started. Please note: This package can be completed on-screen, then printed and submitted manually OR printed, completed and submitted manually.

Choosing Your Best Pension Option  (PDF)

Thinking about retirement? This publication explains your pension options.

Guide for Plan Members

This is your pension plan "reference guide."

Terminating Employment

Understand your Teachers' Pension Plan benefits before you leave your job.

Your Pension Payment

This fact sheet explains how we calculate your basic pension, and how various factors affect the monthly pension payment you receive.

Medical Services Plan (MSP) Application

This is the Medical Services Plan (MSP) application form for you, your spouse and/or child(ren) when a plan member is retiring; or a spouse is applying for benefits due to member's death.

Extended health care & dental information for retired members

This link takes you to the Health & Dental Care page. You will find information on rates as well as links to Green Shield Canada's information booklet.

Pre-retirement Death Benefits

All pension plans administered by the Pension Corporation pay death benefits to a plan member's beneficiary. This fact sheet explains when and how these benefits are paid.

How a separation or divorce affects your pension

A pension is considered by law to be matrimonial property, just like a house, car or other asset. When a marriage ends, the pension belongs to both the former spouse and the plan member, and they may choose to divide the pension.

Appeal Process

The process allows people or organizations directly affected by a decision made by the plan administrative agent (the Pension Corporation) to appeal all or part of that decision. This brochure explains how.

Many of the resources on this page are in pdf format. To open, read or use these pdf files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer. You can download this software free of charge from the Adobe Acrobat site.

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