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TPP Pension Timeline—Mid Career Publications

These publications will introduce you to your pension plan.

Appeal Process

The process allows people or organizations directly affected by a decision made by the plan administrative agent (the Pension Corporation) to appeal all or part of that decision. This brochure explains how.

Claiming Credit for Child-rearing

This fact sheet explains how you can use the child-rearing provisions in the Teachers' Pension Plan to increase your contributory service.

Guide for Plan Members

Welcome to the British Columbia Teachers' Pension Plan. This guide will introduce you to the plan and the benefits it offers.

How a separation or divorce affects your pension

A pension is considered by law to be matrimonial property, just like a house, car or other asset. When a marriage ends, the pension belongs to both the former spouse and the plan member, and they may choose to divide the pension.

Pre-retirement Death Benefits

The Teachers' Pension Plan pays death benefits to a plan member's beneficiary. This fact sheet explains when and how these benefits are paid.

Purchasing Leaves of Absence

If you take a leave of absence, buying back service for that leave (also called “purchasing a leave of absence”) may increase your future pension benefit.

Purchase of Service and Arrears for Part-time Members

If you ever worked less than half time, you may be able to increase your future pension benefits by obtaining credit for that time. This fact sheet explains how you may be able to use either the purchase of service or arrears rules to purchase your less than half-time service.

Terminating Employment

Understand your Teachers' Pension Plan benefits before you leave your job. This fact sheet will help you understand your plan benefits so that you can make some important decisions when you leave your job.

Transferring Service

This fact sheet describes transfer information you should know about if you have service in more than one public sector pension plan.

Understanding Your Member's Benefit Statement

Each year that you are working and contributing to the Teachers’ Pension Plan, you receive a Member’s Benefit Statement. This statement provides a record of your service and contributions to the plan and, where appropriate, pension estimates.

Your pension and your RRSP room

This fact sheet describes four adjustments that we must report to Canada Customs and Revenue Agency that can affect your RRSP contribution room.

Many of the resources on this page are in pdf format. To open, read or use these pdf files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer. You can download this software free of charge from the Adobe Acrobat site.

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