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The plan is changing on January 1, 2018, for pensionable service earned on or after that date. The changes will make the plan more equitable for all members, regardless of retirement age, earnings or work experience, and will modernize the plan in response to a changing work environment. For more information, use the links in the timeline below.

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2016 Report to Members
The 2016 Report to Members features more information on the upcoming plan design changes
Member scenarios—how might plan design changes affect you?
Our scenarios illustrate how plan design changes might affect you depending on your anticipated retirement age, years of service or salary.
We’ve got answers to your questions about plan design changes. Want to know details? Timelines? Information on purchasing service? Find out here.
Frequently asked questions about plan design changes
Your plan is changing. The changes will modernize the plan and make it more equitable for members. Learn more about these changes in this Board Communiqué.
Board Communiqué – Your plan is changing: here’s how and why
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