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From 12 to 21: Our Way Forward

BC Pension Corporation’s comprehensive strategic plan is guiding the corporation for a nine-year period that began in April 2012. The strategic plan, From 12 to 21, is an ambitious program of business transformation, enabling the corporation to continue to effectively meet the needs of its clients and other stakeholders, now and into the future.

The plan focuses on developing flexible solutions to keep pace with evolving client needs and expectations—some no tech, some low tech and some high tech. The plan also deepens the research, planning and project management capacity in the organization.

From 12 to 21 is our road map to a future state that supports high service levels, new service channels and value through better use of technology, improved business process and continued attention to staff training and development.

As we move through the 12 to 21 plan, we continue to fulfill our purpose, realize our direction and demonstrate our commitment to investing in our people.

The Transformation Phase of the plan began April 2015 and will continue to 2018. Throughout the Transformation Phase of our strategic plan, we continue to perform in the present to meet members’ and clients’ immediate service needs while building for the future.

Learn more about the Transformation Phase of the BC Pension Corporation’s From 12 to 21 strategic plan.

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Our Purpose

We make the pension experience easy for those we serve

Our Direction

We are transforming to meet the changing expectations of plan members, trustees, employers and staff