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Need help?

This page offers you some tips on using our website.

Our site contains a lot of useful information, but before you can view it all, you'll need to get around the site. Here's how.

Left navigation bar:

The core navigation of the site is handled by the left navigation bar. When you first arrive at you'll see a listing of pension plan homepages plus administration links. Any of these links will take you to the particular homepage selected.

Once you've arrived at either a plan homepage or the corporation's homepage, the left navigation bar will change to match content for that location. Now you can find the forms and publications you're looking for, plus you will have easy access to contact information and other features like tools.

Top navigation bar:

The top navigation bar remains the same no matter where you are on the site. Here you'll find general information and tools common to all plans, and a link back to your plan's home page.

Breadcrumb feature:

Just below the top navigation bar is a "breadcrumb" feature that shows your route to the present page. Click on any of the previous pages listed and you'll return to that page.

Bottom navigation bar:

The bottom navigation bar remains the same no matter where you are on the site. Here you will find copyright, disclaimer and privacy information common to all plans, plus a link to the top of the page.

Finding your plan:

If you’re unsure about where to begin, here are a few hints:

  • Any correspondence you receive from the Pension Corporation--for example, your Member's Benefit Statement or A Guide for Plan Members--will clearly state your plan
  • Another easy way to identify your plan from our correspondence is by colour--purple is College, green is Municipal, red is Public Service, blue is Teachers' and light blue is WCB
  • You can also try determining your plan by the kind of work you do:
    • College Pension Plan provides pension income for senior administrative employees and faculty members of colleges in British Columbia
    • Municipal Pension Plan provides pension income for eligible employees of a municipality, hospital, school district, college, or other employer in British Columbia
    • Public Service Pension Plan provides pension income for employees in the public service in British Columbia, as well as employees of certain Crown corporations and agencies, and other approved employers
    • Teachers’ Pension Plan provides pension income for all certified teachers hired by a board of school trustees in British Columbia
    • Workers' Compensation Board Superannuation Plan provides pension income for all eligible employees of WCB

  • Finally, if you’re still unsure, contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

Adobe PDF Support:

Most of the information on our site is available in PDF format. To view or print these documents your computer must have Adobe Acrobat Reader software. You can download this software for free by clicking here.

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