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Below are links to other sites of interest.

This list of external websites is provided for your convenience. This is not an exhaustive list of online retirement information, and it is not meant to replace a web search for specific information. The plan does not necessarily endorse or approve of the content in the sites listed. Content in these sites may change at any time without the plan’s knowledge, therefore we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the website summaries provided. In the event of inconsistency or conflict between materials found on any of the sites listed, and the plan rules and legislation governing the pension plans, the plan rules and legislation governing the pension plans will take priority.

Note: Clicking on one of the following links will open a second window. To return to this page you must close or minimize the new window.


Pacific Blue Cross (CARESnet) – website for the Pension Plan's post-retirement group benefits administrator

Estate Planning

Legal Services Society – information about BC legal resources, including family law
Nidus Personal Planning Resource Centre and Registry – online centralized registry for enduring powers of attorney and representation agreements
People's Law School – information about individuals' rights and obligations under the law; includes information about power of attorney, writing wills, executors, etc.
Public Guardian and Trustee of British Columbia – information about estate and personal trust services

Financial Planning

Financial Planning Standards Council – general guidance for individuals seeking a financial planner

Government Sites

Canada Revenue Agency
Canada Pension Plan
Old Age Security

Investments (Plan)

BC Investment Management Corporation links:
BC Investment Management Corporation
Annual Reports (includes discussion on bcIMC’s business plan)
Corporate Governance and Proxy Voting Guideline
bcIMC Inventory (Equity Holdings)
Proxy Voting Record
Responsible Investing

Pension Benefits Standards Act

Financial Institutions Commission – administers statutes regulating pension plans

Personal Planning

Pensions and marital breakdown – Questions and answers from the British Columbia Law Institute about dividing a pension when a relationship ends. This is a useful resource on the pension division rules in the Family Law Act.

Provincial Pension Plans

Hospitals of Ontario Pension Plan
Local Authorities Pension Plan (Alberta)
Manitoba Pension Commission
Municipal Employees' Pension Plan (Sask.)
Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System

Retirement Planning and Support

CARP – seniors-related news and information
Public Health Agency of Canada – general health information and services for seniors
Council of Senior Citizens Organizations of BC – advocacy group for seniors re: pensions and health benefits – lifestyle information for seniors, including health, finances and activities
MPRA – Municipal Pension Retirees' Association
BC Forum – BC Federation of Retired Union Members
Public Health Agency of Canada – general health information and services for seniors

Transfer Agreements

Reciprocal agreements allow you to transfer service from one pension plan to another. Service you transfer from another plan may not have equal value in the MPP. Read the PensionFacts Transferring service for more information on how transfer agreements work.

Currently the MPP has transfer agreements with the following plans.
Note: This is not an exhaustive list.

The federal public service pension plan.

The National Public Service Pension Transfer Agreement, which includes:

There are also other bilateral transfer agreements with:

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