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Municipal Pension Plan Board Governance Policy


The Municipal Pension Board of Trustees (Board) believes that good governance is essential to the success and sustainability of the Plan. Consequently, the Board has developed policies to guide its governance process. These policies are reviewed periodically and revised as required to ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements, and with principles of good governance.

Governance Documents

The Board’s governance of the Plan is subject to:

  1. Income Tax Act of Canada RSC 1985, C1 (5th Supp.) [ITA]
  2. ITA Regulations [ITAR]
  3. Pension Benefits Standards Act RSBC 1996 Ch. 352 [PBSA]
  4. PBSA Regulations [PBSAR]
  5. Public Sector Pension Plans Act SBC Ch. 44 and Regulations [PSPPA]
  6. Municipal Pension Plan Consolidated Joint Trust Agreement [JTA]
  7. Joint Trust Agreement Implementation OIC
  8. Municipal Pension Plan Rules (which the Board may amend subject to constraints set out in the JTA)
  9. Post-Retirement Group Benefit Rules (which the Board may amend without restriction)

Governance Policies

The Board’s governance policies are as follows:

1. Appeals Brochure
2. Appeals Panel Oral Hearing Procedure
3. Appeals Process

Policies Governing Board Operations
4. Trustee Code of Conduct
5. Board Chair & Vice-Chair Terms of Reference
6. Board Governance Assessment Survey
7. Committee Governance Assessment Survey
8. Board Meeting Procedures
9. Guidelines for Signing on to Investor Statements and Letters
10. Meeting Support Protocol
11. Workplace Conduct Policy

Policies Governing Board Committees
12. Standing Committees Policy
13. Committee Membership & Appointments Policy
14. Committee Meeting Procedures
15. Appeals Panel Terms of Reference
16. Benefits Committee Terms of Reference
17. Communications and Advocacy Committee Terms of Reference
18. Governance Committee Terms of Reference
19. Interplan Audit Committee Mandate and Terms of Reference
20. Investment Committee Terms of Reference
21. Valuation Committee Terms of Reference

Policies Governing Trustee Selection & Development
22. Trustee Skills, Knowledge & Experience Criteria
23. Trustee Performance Standards and Self-Assessment Policy
24. Trustee Orientation, Mentoring & Education Policy

Policies Governing Trustee Compensation
25. E-Board Policy
26. Remuneration Claim Policy
27. Trustee Travel & Business Expense Policy
28. Trustee Recognition Policy
29. Significant Life Events Policy

Plan Policies
30. Statement of Investment Policies & Procedures
31. Funding Policy
32. Communications Policy

Strategic Plans
33. Ten-year Strategic Decision Framework

Interpretation of and Policies Implementing Plan Rules
34. Group Disability Plan Approval Criteria
35. Group 5 Terms and Conditions for Employer Enrolment (Application Form)
36. Member & Employer Data and Personal Information Policy
37. Salary Policy
38. Special Agreement Template
39. Termination and Modification of Employer Participation Policy
40. Terms and Conditions for Employer Enrolment
41. Third Party Access to Plan Communications & Publications Policy

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