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Welcome to College StraightTalk

Welcome to StraightTalk

These days, pensions are being discussed more than ever. There are many different views about pensions, and pensions can be a complex subject.

This section of the website is called StraightTalk. It gives you the straight facts about the College Pension Plan. Whatever your connection with the plan, it is important you understand the facts.

In StraightTalk, youíll find an overview of the key facts about the plan and some resources to help you find out more.

What's New

Web Page
A look at BC College Pension Planís reform efforts
(July 2016)

College Pension Plan has developed a reputation as an innovator and trendsetter in the sector. Find out why.

Web Page
Canada leads in pension systems for public sector workers
(June 2016)

What does Canada do better than any other country? Bruce Kennedy, Executive Director of BCís College, Public Service, and Teachersí Pension Plans, explains why Canada rates best in the world at responsibly funding its public sector pension liabilities.

Web Page The Canadian pension model is turning heads
(May 2016)

A new study from Boston Consulting Group shows the strength of Canadaís top 10 pension plans, three of which are among the 20 largest funds worldwide. They have tripled in size since 2003, mostly due to impressive investment returns. Their success is attracting attention.

Browse more articles about defined benefit pensions in Resources.
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