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CPP Pension Timeline—Mid-Career Introduction

Welcome to your online source for pension information from the College Pension Plan. The plan serves approximately 16,600 active and retired members and their employers in British Columbia. Members and employers come from a variety of public post-secondary institutions across the province.

Plan membership is broken down as follows:

  • approximately 13,500 active members who are contributing to the plan
  • approximately 6,000 retired members
  • approximately 4,900 inactive members (members who are no longer with a plan employer but have contributions with the plan)

The plan holds assets of more than $3.8 billion. The College Pension Plan is ranked among the top 100 defined benefit pension plans in Canada, according to data collected by Benefits Canada magazine.

As you continue to work, your pension plan follows your career moves and changes.

The Mid-career section provides you with the information and resources you may need as you continue working.


Information answers some common questions about your pension plan

Publications provides detailed information about your plan

Forms includes forms you may need as you continue working

Resources offers online resources


Making the Most of Your Pension

This workshop is for members wondering how important events in their life can affect their future pension. It focuses on how the decisions you make throughout your career can affect your pension when you retire. Learn more, including how to register and view the complete workshop schedule!


Many of the resources in these sections are in PDF format. To open, read or use these PDF files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer. You can download this software free of charge from Adobe Acrobat site.

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