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Trustee activities

During 2013 the Teachers’ Pension Board of Trustees met seven times over a total of 10.5 days. Trustees also participated in a number of standing and ad hoc committees and attended a number of conferences, including the annual BC Public Sector Pension Conference. In addition to attending scheduled training sessions, individual trustees participated in other educational opportunities to increase their effectiveness on the board.

Trustee attendance

Trustee attendance at the board and committee meetings was consistently high in 2013. The average attendance of all trustees was 91 per cent.

Trustee remuneration

Trustees are remunerated by the plan for time spent on board business. Remuneration guidelines and rates are set out in the Teachers’ Pension Board of Trustees Remuneration Policy. Under the policy, trustee remuneration may be adjusted annually by an amount equal to the cost‑of‑living adjustments made to pension payments.

Trustees receive remuneration directly if they are not remunerated by any other organization. If trustees are remunerated by another organization, they may request their plan remuneration be paid to the other organization.

Expenses related to trustee attendance at educational events and meetings to conduct board business are reimbursed within board policy limits.

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