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Guaranteed, predictable retirement income for over 90,000 members

Membership in the Teachers’ Pension Plan is open to all certificated teachers (including teachers on call), principals and vice‑principals, directors of instruction, superintendents, assistant superintendents, associated professionals appointed by a board of education in the British Columbia public school system and eligible employees of other employers approved by the Teachers’ Pension Board of Trustees. New employees, including those employed in a less‑than‑half‑time capacity, must be immediately enrolled in the Teachers’ Pension Plan and cannot opt out of enrolment.

There are three categories of plan members:

  • Active members currently contribute, or receive benefits from an approved salary continuance plan or are on an approved leave of absence. There are over 45,200 active members in the plan, a decrease of less than one per cent from 2012.
  • Inactive members terminated their employment with a plan employer and left contributions in the plan. They may be eligible for a pension in the future. Those not eligible may become eligible if they return to work for a plan employer, make contributions and accrue additional service. There are over 12,000 inactive members in the plan, a decrease of roughly one per cent from 2012.
  • Retired members receive a pension, including those who receive a disability pension, and spouses and other beneficiaries who receive a pension after the death of a member. There are over 33,400 retired members in the plan, an increase of four per cent from 2012.

Plan employers

The plan employers are the school districts, the British Columbia Principals’ and Vice‑Principals’ Association, the British Columbia School Superintendents’ Association, the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation, the Francophone Education Authority and the Teacher Qualification Service (British Columbia).



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