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CEO message - 2013-14 Pension Corporation Annual Report

2013/14 Corporate Annual Report

Message from the CEO

Board chair, weldon cowan

I am proud of the corporationís accomplishments in 2013/14. We performed in the present and maintained high client satisfaction, while preparing for the future.

We are working to capacity to meet the needs of plan trustees, members and employers. This is combined with dedicated efforts to strengthening the organization to meet their evolving expectations.

This is the second year of our nine-year strategic plan, From 12 to 21: Our Way Forward. We are focusing on building a foundation and creating the building blocks to shape and support a better BC Pension Corporation:

  • solid portfolio and project governance practices,
  • new strategies for member and employer engagement,
  • a talent management program for our staff,
  • an enterprise information management framework, and
  • other core programs to strengthen our capability.

We are also shaping our organizational culture to embrace change and drive innovation. I believe we are progressing well.

While we have more to do to complete our foundation, we are also looking ahead at the transformation work yet to come in 2015. This stage will see us open new channels for service delivery and launch new ways to interact with plan members and plan employers. These efforts will drive greater efficiencies, transforming us into a higher-performing organization.

I am proud of and grateful for the extraordinary efforts our staff make every day. And I am excited about bringing our strategic plan to life. Together, we will make the corporation even better than what it is today.

Laura Nashman,
Chief executive officer

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