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12 | 21 Strategic Plan - Our response: initiatives
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Our response

Our approach | Key initiatives | Key strategic plan outcomes

Our response to our environmental drivers is our strategic plan, From 12 to 21. The strategic plan equips the corporation to face the pressures identified by the five drivers. The strategy’s initiatives leverage our existing strengths while introducing new tools and competencies into the organization to address the identified skills and systems gaps.


Nine years in duration

Identifies environmental drivers and maps out our response

Engine behind the service delivery plans

Three-year stages, aligned with service delivery plans

Includes annual check-ins with a major review by the corporate board every three years

Emphasizes people-first service with some no tech, some low tech and some high tech solutions

The nine-year strategic plan is divided into three-year stages. Each of the three stages will include annual checkpoints as well as a triennial in-depth review of plan progress by the corporate board. The stages are structured to build the Pension Corporation’s capabilities through a program of sequenced initiatives.

In the Foundational stage, we will focus on strengthening the supporting framework for enterprise transformation by stabilizing and enhancing current systems; reinforcing project management best practices; and clearly defining the requirements for our business and information technology architecture.

Building on this sound foundation, the Transformational stage will mark changes in the way we do business. Scalable solutions, improved information management and increased channel choice will allow the corporation to meet the evolving needs of clients more effectively.

While substantial service enhancements will be evident at every stage, in the Operational stage, all client groups will realize the full benefits of the nine-year strategic plan. Trustees, employers, plan members and staff will be supported by systems and processes that meet their expectations of value, functionality and flexibility.

A few of our major strategic initiatives

Retired Member System enhancements

A new pension payment system to better support retired members and streamline financial and actuarial reporting. These enhancements will include online access for retired members through “My Account” plus more timely correspondence with retired members. The new system will also interface more effectively with our other core systems to improve efficiency.

Enhanced Business Analytics

As our operating environment increases in complexity, this initiative will support consistent data collection and analysis. In turn, we will be well positioned to make effective business decisions, predict trends and monitor our progress against both our peers and our strategic objectives.

Improved Survey Methodology

The design and implementation of an improved approach to gather and analyze client feedback. Includes more advanced survey techniques to support a deeper understanding of client needs and expectations, including the identification of drivers of satisfaction, trust and confidence. This will enable us to implement ongoing improvements in client service and products for our clients.

Online Member and Employer Service Enhancements

This initiative will drive the development and implementation of enhanced online service functionality for active and inactive pension plan members as well as employers. For example, specific outcomes will include access to more personalized member information, more interactive forms and additional pension literacy tools.

Workforce Planning

Tools and processes to identify workforce demands and develop strategies to meet current and future business needs. This includes staff development and succession planning for key roles to ensure the Pension Corporation is well positioned to attract and retain talented people.

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