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12 | 21 Strategic Plan - Our progress
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Our progress

Assessing our progress

Each goal of the From 12 to 21 strategic plan addresses the key drivers of our business, while the outcomes articulate the desired operating environment for the Pension Corporation. The success indicators are just that—indicators showing the extent to which we are achieving the desired outcomes of the plan. The success indicators are structured to provide trend data and enable a deeper analysis of our year over year progress during the life of the strategic plan. Where possible and appropriate, we use objective industry benchmark measures. These measures are proven and reliable and provide useful comparisons with national and international peers.

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Sample success indicators

Rising stakeholder value expectations

Deliver relevant services at good value

Maintain top quartile ranking on cost with relevant benchmarking peer organizations while enhancing our service and increasing satisfaction levels among all client groups

  • CEM cost ranking
  • CEM service score
  • Quality Service Index
    (QSI) score*

Growing complexity
and diversity
in plan design and administration

Be leading experts in the design and delivery of pension services

Be trusted advisors to our plan boards and committees in the areas of plan policy, member and employer communications and financial services

  • Trustee satisfaction score
  • Advisory effectiveness score *
  • Meet or exceed all service delivery plan measures

Evolving demographics and expectations for services among clients

Provide service experiences that address evolving client expectations

The service experience for plan members, employers and trustees consistently meets or exceeds expectations

  • Member and employer overall satisfaction scores
  • My Account usage and online activity metrics *

Increasing importance of information and process management as a core competency

Business processes are effectively managed and leverage high quality information that is secure, accessible and useful

Integrated process and information management systems that enable enhanced operational effectiveness, improved business intelligence, and provide a positive end-user experience for members, employers and staff

  • Member, employer and
    staff systems accessibility score*
  • Relevance and value of information*
  • Staff enablement score

Shifting workforce characteristics

Have a high-performing workforce that adapts to changing needs

Highly engaged and skilled staff that deliver superior client service

  • Staff survey participation rate
  • Staff engagement score
  • Overall staff satisfaction score

* denotes new indicator that will be developed in the first year of the strategic plan

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