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12 | 21 Strategic Plan - Messaage from CEO and board chair
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From the board chair & CEO

Over the past 10 years the BC Pension Corporation has become an organization deeply committed to serving plan members, employers and trustees and to providing them with the best possible pension experience. We are proudly a client service success story. However, while our success is apparent from the feedback we receive from clients, we know that current and future environmental pressures will make it challenging to continue doing business the way we do today.

In response to the business drivers and pressures we face, the Pension Corporation has developed a comprehensive strategic plan to meet these considerable challenges and the changing needs and expectations of plan members, employers, trustees and staff.

The strategic plan, From 12 to 21, will enable the corporation to become an even higher functioning service organization that understands and anticipates its environment to effectively meet the changing needs of its clients and stakeholders.

The plan focuses on developing scalable and flexible solutions—some no tech, some low tech and some high tech. The plan will also ensure a deepening of the capacity in the organization for research, planning and effective project execution.

From 12 to 21 is our roadmap to a future state that supports high service levels and cost-effective delivery through better use of technology, improved business process and continued attention to staff training and development.

On behalf of all the staff at BC Pension Corporation, we are very excited about the future and we are confident that we will continue to develop, strengthen and improve our organization.

Wayne Jefferson, Board Chair

Laura Nashman, CEO

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