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12 | 21 Strategic Plan - Our environment: changing expectations
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The context for change

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Changing expectations

Focus group feedback indicates active and retired members have a high level of comfort with accessing information and conducting transactions online. To ensure we meet clients’ service delivery expectations, we are developing our online capabilities to give clients greater choice in terms of how and when they receive service.

Driven by service norms experienced elsewhere, particularly in the travel and banking industries, clients now expect multiple channels and self-service options to interact with companies. Research shows that 60 per cent of British Columbians said they would choose to use online access first, followed by telephone and in-person. In other words, people increasingly want the opportunity to use technology to save themselves time. But they also want the comfort of knowing that in-person options are there when they need them. Even among recently retired plan members, 75 per cent have used their pension plan's website.

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