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TPP Pension Timeline—Near Retirement Forms

These are the most common forms you may need as you prepare to retire.

Fill-in Forms
These forms can be completed on-screen, then printed and submitted manually OR printed, completed and submitted manually.

Medical Services Plan (MSP) Application
This is the Medical Services Plan (MSP) application form for you, your spouse and/or child(ren) when a plan member is retiring; or a spouse is applying for benefits due to member’s death.

Retirement Planning Package and Estimate Request
This package includes information to get your retirement planning started.

Child-rearing Declaration

Declaration of Change of Name (First or Middle Name Only)

Form P1 (Division of Pensions Regulation, s.4 (a)) Claim and request for information and notice

Form P2 (Division of Pensions Regulation, s.4 (b)) Request for designation as limited member

Form P3 (Division of Pensions Regulation, s.4 (c)) Request for transfer from defined contribution account

Form P4 (Division of Pensions Regulation, s.4 (d)) Request by limited member for transfer or separate pension

Form P5 (Division of Pensions Regulation, s.4 (e)) Waiver of survivor benefits after pension commencement

Form P7 (Division of Pensions Regulation, s.4 (f)) Withdrawl of notice/waiver of claim

Form P8 (Division of Pensions Regulation, s. 6) Change of information

Form P9 (Division of Pensions Regulation, s. 1) Agreement to have benefits divided under part 6

Green Shield Canada Application for Voluntary Extended Health Care and Dental Benefits

Green Shield Canada Pre-authorized Debit (PAD) Application

Interprovincial Reciprocal Agreement: Form Part 1 (Alberta Only)

Interprovincial Reciprocal Transfer Agreement - Application, Appendix A

National Public Service Pension Transfer Agreement

Nomination of Beneficiary (Pre-retirement)Logon to My Account safely and securely to change your beneficiary(ies). If not using My Account to change your beneficiary(ies), complete and return this form to us. This form must be saved to your computer before you begin (this is a dynamic fill and print pdf.) To save the form, right click on the link and select "Save Target As…". Open the saved form in Adobe Reader and complete with your information. Once completed, save and print the form. Sign the completed and printed form and submit by fax or mail. NOTE: If your spouse is waiving their rights, your spouse must also sign the attached Form 4. If you would like a form to complete by hand, please contact the pension plan.

Nomination of Beneficiary (For Limited Member)

Purchase of Service Application Package

Spousal Declaration

Many of the resources on this page are in pdf format. To open, read or use these pdf files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer. You can download this software free of charge from the Adobe Acrobat site.

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